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    Friday, August 31st, 2007

    As a city, Esfahan doesn’t really have the magic I was hoping for. Our timing was not so good either because we went to Esfahan on a holiday and the last weekend before the beginning of the schools so the city was very crowded.

    Anyway the mosques more than compensate the crowded city and the heat. Especially the Sheikh Lofollah, left us speechless, this is truly a perfect building 🙂

    Jameh mosque:

    esfahan01.jpg  esfahan02.jpg  esfahan03.jpg

    esfahan04.jpg   esfahan05.jpg   esfahan06.jpg


    dinner on a rooftop in Imam square:


    around esfahan:

    esfahan09.jpg   esfahan11.jpg

    and finally the lofollah mosque:

    esfahan12.jpg   esfahan13.jpg   esfahan14.jpg

    The iranians seem to have a lot less entrepeneurial spirit than the turks, they don’t like to bargain, they don’t sell water and souvenirs near the tourist sites etc… just as an example the ticket to the lofollah mosque is 3000IRL (for non-muslims only), the ticket to the armenian cathedral is 30.000IRL (for everybody) 🙂 .


    Thursday, August 30th, 2007

    on a small detour from the road from kashan to esfahan you can find the small mountain village of abyaneh. This is probably the most photographed village in Iran (either abyaneh or masuleh).

    well, it’s nice, in a tourism poster kind of way 🙂

    here are the obligatory photos

    abyaneh1.jpg   abyaneh2.jpg

    abyaneh3.jpg   abyaneh4.jpg


    Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

    aveti careva idee ce-am mincat ?


    va mai dau niste indicii…sint mai mici decit niste boabe de fasole, sint prajite, gustul e cam ca de aluna dar sint mult mai crocante. nu stim cum se cheama dar sint bune 🙂

    kashan – ziua 5

    Wednesday, August 29th, 2007


    Dimineata am dat o tura prin bazar,

    kashan1.jpg  kashan2.jpg  kashan5.jpg


    am baut un ceai si un biscuite la nevastuica vesela 🙂



    mai erau si niste borcane delicioase cu niste serpisori inauntru…

    am luat o pauza de mutat bagaje in alta camera pentru ca omuletzul de la hotel nu a gasit o camera pt 2 nopti, una pentru una, alta pentru alta 🙂

    si am luat si moto la plimbare pe la casele frumoase din epoca de glorie a kashanului.

    chiar sint super frumoase, din strada nu se vede mare lucru, sint doar niste porti cu”sonerie” separata pentru fiecare sex si apoi pe un culoar mic ajungi la citamai casutza 🙂 . Apartineau unor negustori de varii pinzeturi sau alte cele si cred ca adaposteau umilele familii de 200 de suflete .

    kashan7.jpg  kashan8.jpg  kashan9.jpg

    kashan10.jpg  kashan11.jpg


    kashan13.jpg  kashan14.jpg  kashan15.jpg


    kashan171.jpg  kashan18.jpg

    cam atit, foarte dragut acest Kashan, mai putin seara cind se superaglomereaza si se inghesuie toti si se aude o muzica usor obositoare … toare tare


    Zanjan – ziua 2

    Monday, August 27th, 2007

    Azi am facut o excursie in jurul Zanjan-ului (cam 400km).

    Intii am fost la Takt el Soleiman, unul dintr cele mai mari temple zoroastriste, unde pe virful mutelui in peisajul lunar al iranului e un lac vulcanic si in jurul lui sunt templele:

    takt1.jpg  takt2.jpg   tak3.jpg

    takt4.jpg   takt5.jpg   takt6.jpg

    takt7.jpg   takt8.jpg

    Si dupa-amiaza am mers la Soltanyeh, cel mai mare dom de caramida din lume. Construit pe la anul 700. Domul are cam 30m inaltime, dar decoratiile sunt minunate:

    sol1.jpg  sol2.jpg   sol3.jpg

    sol4.jpg   sol5.jpg