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    McLeod Ganj

    Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

    Azi am fost toata ziua cu capul in nori šŸ™‚ am colindat prin mcleod ganj,am baut un ceaiĀ de ghimbir,Ā l-am vizitat pe dalai lama, i-am vazut pe calugari construind o mandala din nisip, am reparat la moto si ne-am uitat cum ploua šŸ™‚

    miine plecam spre manali, si incercam sa trecem spre leh (daca nu e inchisa trecatoarea din cauza zapezii)

    mcl1.jpgĀ Ā  mcl2.jpg

    mcl3.jpgĀ Ā  mcl4.jpg

    fuel issues

    Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

    first it happened after the pakistani-indian border, we were doing 100 km/h on a b road and suddenly the engine stalled. I stopped on the left side of the road (we are in india after all), pushed the starter button, and the engine started again. I blamed the pakistani fuel and continued to armitsar.Ā  Although I felt the distinctive signs of fuel starvation I was afraidĀ to consider what couldĀ have caused it.Ā 

    the second day it happened 100km after we left armitsar.Ā First a cylinder stopped and then the second one.Ā IĀ couldn’t ignore this anymore. I disconnected the fuel lineĀ just after the fuel pump and asked Ioana to press the starter button.Ā  The engine came to life immediately. I hoped that the fuel filter is clogged up and decided to investigate the problem in dharamsala.

    10 kilometers before dharamsala the engine stopped again, this time for good. For the first time since we left bucharest, I experience the weird feeling of being stranded on the side of the road. There isĀ no fuel going to the carburetors and the fuel pumpĀ is so hot I can’t keep my hand on it. All signs point to the dreaded fuel pump failure, but how could this happen ? I’ve added an additional relay to prevent such a failure!

    As a last resort, I bypass the relay.Ā  The engine starts. We manage to arrive at McLeod Ganj. I check the relay, and to my joy it doesn’t work anymore. This is a Tyco automotive relay rated for 40A and 10^7 cycles. I’ve used it for 4A and it only lasted for 500.000 cycles. Luckily I have a spare relay. I replace it, and all seems to work smoothly again.

    Here are the pictures of the damaged relay: