November 2007
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    for several different reasons we had to ship our faithful bike from kathmandu (more about this in another post).

    the horizonsunlimited recommended shipping agents (eagle eyes and new worldlink) were less than helpful so we used another company, public freight.

    since we are in no hurry to get the motorcycle to bucharest, we chose to ship by sea. The bke goes from kathmandu to calcutta by truck and from there to europe by ship. It should be in bucharest at the end of january at about the same time as we will.

    after deciding what parts of our enormous luggage we can send home and what we must keep,


    we took the bike at the warehouse and prepared it for shipping

    grasu01.jpg grasu02.jpg grasu03.jpg

    our target was to fit everything in under 2 cubic meters, so we had to try different combinations 🙂

    I took off the front wheel, the windshield, the handlebars and the blinkers.

    grasu04.jpg grasu05.jpg

    after the crate was ready we put everything inside and tied them as secure as possible

    grasu06.jpg grasu07.jpg grasu08.jpg

    grasu09.jpg grasu10.jpg grasu11.jpg


    here is a short movie… we don’t need no stinkin’ forklifts

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    1. drares Says:

      way cool 🙂 cum se zice in “nepaleza”: acu’ bea si baetzii o bere?

    2. cristina Says:

      sper ca in acel enorm bagaj exista un cadou si pentru mine 😀

    3. ioana Says:


    4. Philadelphia Says:

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    6. Osvaldo Schoenrock Says:

      Hey Man thanks for the post! Just wanted to give you a quick thumbs up! Looking forward to reading more from you! Thanks! Have a great day !

    7. Freight forwarder thailand Says:

      Working with a shipping company or a freight forwarders can be difficult if they are not used to work with small exporters. Pleople who are not used to ship products should be adviced and supported by theses companies. Whatever, it seems like you guy managed it well !

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