About us

niatza and ehlo,

This is about us, us as Ioana and Cip and the Africa Twin called “Grasule”.

We live (since 1979,1978) and work in Bucharest -Romania, Europe and we plan for some time to take a break from this town and see some other places and people of this wide-wide world.

The “plan” is to spend about 6 month riding (zumzumzum) through Asia and it really sounds great but it also implies some risks that we must count in. Our families and friends are all involved in the contest of outlining the dangers that we’ll be facing in our expedition: diseases, accidents, robberies and so on…I’m sure they love us though and that they we’ll worry all the way to the moon and back during our trip 🙂

We are also worried about all the visas we need , about this unusual hot weather, about the luggage we should put together and take with us, about all the stuff left to be done until the 1st of August (the big departure day).

But these are just details and I’m sure they will be settled and we just can’t wait to take off 🙂