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    nemrut dağı

    Sunday, August 19th, 2007


    ajunsi si cazati in karadut, am descarcat bagajele, ne-am dezmortit un pic, nu spun ce, si am plecat sa vedem apusul sus pe munte. Dimineatza am facut ochi devreme …pe la 4 sa vedem sı rasaritul. Sint 2 temple sus, unul spre vest si unul spre est si in yenıkale e o fortareata pe un virf de munte.


    nem2.jpg  nem3.jpg  nem4.jpg

    nem5.jpg  nem6.jpg  nem7.jpg 

    nem8.jpg  nem9.jpg 



    nem11.jpg  nem121.jpg


    malatya – karadut

    Saturday, August 18th, 2007

    From Malatya to the southern side of mount Nemrut you can take 2 roads.
    The first is long and boring, some 300km of highway going round the Taurus mountains.
    The second is 100km long going right over the mountains. Of this 100km, 20 are on unpaved fire-roads.

    We took the second route (naturally) 🙂
    The first 70km are on a nice winding mountain road (resembling Transfagarasan).

    In Turkey thy love to cover the roads with small pebbles (criblura ? cum se spune in engleza?), this can be a real hazard sometimes.
    This road was freshly covered with 2-3cm of this pebbles.

    On a steep uphill hairpin, with the Africa Twin fully loaded (2 people, 60kilos of luggage), the front wheel is so light that you are lucky to get any traction even without the damn pebbles 🙂

    Anyway, after some 80km, the tarmac stops, and you get on a fire road going right under the Nemrut peak


    Ioana was busy taking photos:


    Highest elevation (according to my new ultra high tech watch) 1650m



    We met different kind of steeds on this road.


    sorgun – malatya

    Saturday, August 18th, 2007

    We left ankara in the afternoon, happy that we finally solved the visa problem. We couldn’t reach Sivas before nightfall, so we decided to stop in the town of Sorgun.
    We only managed to find a dreadful hotel on the outskirts of the city at a huge price.

    In the morning we left at 6 o’clock to go to Divrigi.

    sorgun dıvırgı

    Divrigi has a little 13th century mosque and hospital. Lonely Planet describes it as Turkey’s least visited monument (although is a UNESCO World Heritage site). It is really out of the way in between Sivas and Malatya some 90km from the main road, and after a 1950m mountain pass.


    The plan was to start from Sorgun and an stop in Divrigi for the night after 350km.
    The mosque and the hospital (a mental hospital built in 1200 🙂 ), are simply breath-taking. You really can’t tell from the pictures, you have to there yourself.

    ulu camii divrıgi 

    div2.jpg   div4.jpg  div5.jpg 


    The problem was that the hotels in Divrigi were beyond awful , even worse than the Sorgun thing. We decided to go to Malatya to have a decent night’s sleep.
    So we ended up with a 610km day.

    As a sidenote/rant, The turkish hotel industry is a lot like the romanian industry in some ways. There are lots of old, state-owned hotels, which are awfull, dirty and overpriced.
    If you are in a tourist area you can find small private-owned hotels which are reasonably priced and clean. But if you are in a small town out of the main tourist path…you are in  bad position.

    turcu’ frate cu romana

    Friday, August 17th, 2007

    Daca va mirati de ce nu prea intelegeti ce vorbesc italienii desi romana e tot limba latina, veniti pina in turcia si o sa aflati 🙂
    Lasind la o parte pronuntia, muulte cunvite romanesti e clar e unde vin.
    kat-etaj (cat)
    simit- covrig (simigerie)
    etc etc
    si in final…a picture is worth a thousand words


    Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

    am plecat din nou spre ankara ca sa incercam sa rezolvam cu viza ioanei
    pe drum am trecut pe linga Lacu’ Sarat care spre deosebire de ala de linga Braila e sarat sarat

    tuzgolu1.jpg   tuzgolu2.jpg

    tuz golu
    Dupa care am trecut pe la Gordion, adica pe la aia cu nodu’ gordian. Nu am mai gasit nodul (cica  il taiase cineva), dar l-am gasit pe Midas. Exact, Midas ala cu aurul, dar cred ca e o greseala pe undeva pt ca nu era impachetat in aur ci in pamint.
    Mult pamint:
    movila are 70m inaltime si 300m diametru si e mormintul lui Midas 🙂

    In final a trebuit sa dormim in Ankara, pt ca in Gordion (actualul Yassihoyuk) nu e nici un hotel.
    Ankara e la fel de urita si la a doua vizita ca si la prima 🙂