Buying the bike

I bought the bike in march 2007 so we could have a little time to know each other before out planned start in august.

After a couple of weeks of scouting, which is a huge german site for used vehicles, I’ve located a few AT’s that looked promising and decided to go and buy one. It looked like a fairly simple thing, the spring was unusually warm, Remus was willing to help by driving my car back so we were set.

In the end it would prove to be more difficult that we first thought but good clean fun never the less 🙂 .

So… we left Bucharest at 5 o’clock in the morning in my little (but brand new 🙂 ) Opel Corsa heading for Munich. After 14 hours we were arriving in Marktl to stay overnight at some friends.

All day was quite hot, 20 Celsius, but our friends warned us that the forecast was not so good.. in fact it was going to snow in all Bavaria. So we woke up next morning, and indeed it was snowing and the temperature dropped to 1 degree Celsius.

After a light (and nervous) breakfast we left for our meeting with Herr Schwaller , hoping that the sky would clear and the snow will stop. After a while it stopped snowing but it was still very cold and , in the small mountain village of Bad Heilbrunn were the bike was located we could see 5cm of snow on the side of the road. The bike was in excellent condition so I decided to buy it anyway.


The forecast was even worst for the next day with some 20-30cm of snow, so we decided to head south as fast as we can. We only had our summer gear with us so after 6 hours of frigid riding on the autobahn we arrived in Wien. In a desperate attempt to fight the cold I’ve put the rain suit over the leathers but the main problem were the hands. With only summer gloves available it was… cold. After every 100km we would stop in a parking lot and I would get in the car for a couple of minutes for a quick smoke and a chance to get some feeling back in my hands.

On the way to Wien

We found a decent hotel in Wien (we arrived in a freezing rain at 11pm so we weren’t very picky), and after a nice hot dinner we went to bed. Next morning we were delighted with the magnificent Christmas atmosphere outside 🙂

Like this:

View from the hotel room

or this:

Leaving Wien

As we left Wien the gentle carol-like snow was turning into a not-so-gentle snow storm, riding on the autobahn in these conditions was not as fun as you would think so I was not really sure if I could get through. Here is one more picture on the Austrian highway:


and a small clip from the car:

After we crossed the border into Hungary the snow turned into rain. I didn’t think I would ever be happy to see it’s raining..but I was. As we approached Budapest the sky began to clear and even some small blue patches could be seen. So we decided to switch places, I would drive the car and Remus would ride. By this time the rain suit was in shambles from all the highway riding and my gear was thoroughly soaked. As soon as Remus began to ride it started to rain, and raining it was, the wipers could hardly keep up. I was feeling a little sorry for Remus but I wasn’t going to give up my warm place in the car 🙂
Note the tasteful red tape we used to patch up the rain suit 🙂 Remus continued until Arad and then we switched and I rode to Sibiu.After a quick nap in the car, we woke up just as it was starting to rain (big surprise). But now we were close to home just 300 short kilometers to Bucharest. This last part was quite unevenful apart from a near-death experience with a truck which was leaking fuel on the road…in the rain…in a tight right hand curve. That caused a huge slide but luckily I didn’t fell.

So, there you have it, almost 3000km in three days, not in the best weather but still, lot’s of fun.Home sweet home