We stayed in Iran for 2 weeks.


Here are our impressions:

The roads

Roads are excellent. Technically the motorbikes are not allowed on the highway, but as a foreigner you won’t have any problems (you won’t even have to pay the tolls).

The traffic

In Iran, driving is not so much about getting from point A to point B as is about testosterone and adrenaline. Everybody just has to overtake everyone else, has to be the first at the stoplight. As a consequence all traffic i blocked or moving very slowly (which makes it far less dangerous than it could be).

There are not many rules, everybody does as he dares. One of the stricter rules is that you should not have your headlight on. If they saw my headlight, people would go beserk: drivers flashing me continuously, even pedestrians would signal me the turn them off (which I usually did not).

In the cities there are thousands of small honda bikes, that will all risk life and limb just to overtake your huge bike.

When two trucks are coming from the other direction and the second one is flashing you it dosn’t mean “hello”, it means that he is going to overtake the other truck so you’d better get out of his way. 

So, while rarely rising up to “oh my god, I’m going to die” levels, traffic is very annoying in the cities.

The people

There are few tourists and even fewer tourists with bikes. Prepare yourself to be in the center of attention everywhere you go.

Everybody is friendly and helpful, we did not have any problems. All the iranians want to know  single thing about you: where are you from. You have to answer this question about 50 times a day (it gets boring really fast).

The costs

Iran is significantly cheaper than Turkey. All our expenses totalled up to about 50Eur/day. Hotel are quite expensive compared to the other expenses.