So, after 2 hours at the turkish-iranian border we entered Iran.If you expect Iran to be a mujaheddin inhabited, third world, under-embargo country we will be in for a surprise.

Firstly, all the traffic signs are in farsi and english, the money are printed on one side in farsi and on the other in english (it seems that I’ve learned the arabic numerals for nothing 🙂 ).

Secondly, we had a brief encounter with the Iranian Highway police. The Mercedes driving, Coca-Cola drinking, laser speed gun using Iranian Highway Police. In Iran the motorcycles are not allowed on the highway, but we got special because of our big bike.

Thirdly, in Tabriz every second person would speak english, if we stopped for 30 seconds to look at the map, somebody would approach us and ask “Can I help you, sir?”. Also the streets have signs in Farsi and English.

All in all, Iran is not quite as we expected (at least till now).

It was a day full of events, we managed to enter Iran, we managed to buy the much needed fuel card (more about this later), and we are now 5000km from home.