As a city, Esfahan doesn’t really have the magic I was hoping for. Our timing was not so good either because we went to Esfahan on a holiday and the last weekend before the beginning of the schools so the city was very crowded.

Anyway the mosques more than compensate the crowded city and the heat. Especially the Sheikh Lofollah, left us speechless, this is truly a perfect building 🙂

Jameh mosque:

esfahan01.jpg esfahan02.jpg esfahan03.jpg

esfahan04.jpg esfahan05.jpg esfahan06.jpg


dinner on a rooftop in Imam square:


around esfahan:

esfahan09.jpg esfahan11.jpg

and finally the lofollah mosque:

esfahan12.jpg esfahan13.jpg esfahan14.jpg

The iranians seem to have a lot less entrepeneurial spirit than the turks, they don’t like to bargain, they don’t sell water and souvenirs near the tourist sites etc… just as an example the ticket to the lofollah mosque is 3000IRL (for non-muslims only), the ticket to the armenian cathedral is 30.000IRL (for everybody) 🙂 .