We stayed in Turkey for 21 days and traveled 4500km. Here are some general impressions and tips.

First, the map (click to see it larger):

turkey map

We wanted to visit the Black Sea coast alsobut because of the troubles with Ioana’s visa we had to cancel. So we decided to stick to the central and south-eastern parts of Turkey which is more difficult to reach.

The roads:

The roads are reasonably good the 4 lane A roads aswell as the 2 lane B roads.

One thing you need to watch out for is gravel. They like to use copious amounts of gravel to consolidate the roads, so there is tons of this stuff on the sides of the road. If the truck in front of you took the turn a little wide it will throw a lot of gravel right in the middle of the turn.

The quality of the roads is usually better in the western part of Turkey.

The traffic:

Everybody will tell you that traffic in Turkey is horrible. It is and it isn’t. The drivers are quite aggressive and the traffic is moving very fast (100km/h in a 50 zone is normal), but they are reasonably predictive and don’t do too many stupid moves.

Again the drivers in the western part are better (in my experience) than the easterners.

The trucks don’t have speed limiters as they do in Europe, so they are going fast 110-120km/h. Be careful…

The people

Most of the people are surprisingly nice, very willing to help. Some waiters will try to rip you of, but these are few. We even had waiters charging us less because we are foreigners (never seen such a thing in Europe)

In the eastern part the children are a bit of a nuisance (Urfa was the worst example), but we had no problem whatsoever with the grownups.

The costs

Turkey was bit more expensive than we thought. The fuel is ridiculously expensive at 1.6 -1.7 Euros, food is also more expensive than back home.

All in all we spentĀ  84 Euro/day for both of us out of which 21 were for gas, 22 for hotels, 25 for food and drinks and 16 for various things. These costs include all our expenses even some vaccines and visa costs.

We stayed in double rooms with private baths with a few exceptions (Istanbul, Hasankeyf).