11/08/07 Goreme

we arrived in cappadocia, this thing is really something else. Half Oblio land, half giant phalluses land (probably depends on your perspective 🙂 )

we are staying in a nice hotel with a great view of goreme.

prepare yourselves for lots and lots of pictures

saturday in the morning we visited the goreme open air museum with it’s 10th century carved monasteries.

(as always, click on the pictures to see them larger)

goreme1.jpg goreme2.jpg goreme3.jpg

goreme4.jpg goreme5.jpg goreme6.jpg


here is me as oblio 🙂

in the afternoon we took the bike for a spin around the neighboring villages

uchisar, which offers a wonderful panorama of the whole area:

uchisar1.jpg uchisar2.jpg uchisar3.jpg

uchisar4.jpg uchisar5.jpg uchisar6.jpg

uchisar7.jpg uchisar8.jpg

zelve and dervent valley to see the sunset (the rock formations, change colours throughout the day from white to grey to red)

zelde1.jpg zelde2.jpg dervent1.jpg

dervent2.jpg dervent3.jpg goreme9.jpg


and finally we went back to the hotel on the twisty narrow cobblestone streets