18/08/07 Karadut

From Malatya to the southern side of mount Nemrut you can take 2 roads.
The first is long and boring, some 300km of highway going round the Taurus mountains.
The second is 100km long going right over the mountains. Of this 100km, 20 are on unpaved fire-roads.

We took the second route (naturally) 🙂
The first 70km are on a nice winding mountain road (resembling Transfagarasan).

In Turkey thy love to cover the roads with small pebbles (criblura ? cum se spune in engleza?), this can be a real hazard sometimes.
This road was freshly covered with 2-3cm of this pebbles.

On a steep uphill hairpin, with the Africa Twin fully loaded (2 people, 60kilos of luggage), the front wheel is so light that you are lucky to get any traction even without the damn pebbles 🙂

Anyway, after some 80km, the tarmac stops, and you get on a fire road going right under the Nemrut peak


Ioana was busy taking photos:


Highest elevation (according to my new ultra high tech watch) 1650m



We met different kind of steeds on this road.