20/08/07 Sanliurfa

From Karadut we left for the ancient city of Urfa (Edessa under its Christian name) some 40km from the syrian border. This was the birth place of prophet Abraham so it’s a holy place for muslims. There were a lot of pilgrims from Iran visiting the mosques.

We took a stroll through the old town which is built in the arabic way.


The mosques and medreses complex is very beautiful.

Urfa, holy carps iranian pilgrims


view from the citadel

Urfa was the first town in Turkey were we did not feel really welcome. The children would approach you and would scream “Hello, what’s your name”, but not in a friendly manner. They were trying to annoy you.

Also we took a stroll in some smaller streets looking for a mosque and a child threw something at us, hitting me. If you go to Urfabe careful.

We stayed in a small “pensionu”, which was located in a traditional house. We had a very pleasant evening with 3 brits, 2 ausies, 1 french and a bottle of raki 🙂